"Sometimes they don’t just ‘grow out of it.’ I will forever be grateful to ACT and their superior care and instruction to help my son grow and thrive. As a mother, it changed everything for us."
- Sharon, Mother

Reaching for the Stars

The Achievement Center for Therapy has over 15 years of experience treating children and families living with feeding disorders, speech and language disorders, and alternative and augmentive communication and sensory challenges. Our warm, friendly staff is dedicated to providing high quality programs, working collaboratively with our families and the community. We are pleased to offer therapies in multiple disciplines to simplify the lives of families whose children are receiving more than one service, and also give those children a familiar environment where they are comfortable to learn and grow. Together, we work to help our little ones achieve their greatest potential.
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“We strongly feel that Shawn and her team have been a positive influence for our daughter’s health and developing greater self-confidence.”
- Kelley, Mother

Innovative Therapies In and Out of the Office

With the data we obtain, we create individualized treatment plans that to cater to your child’s needs, strengths and learning styles. Using interesting and engaging activities that utilize technology and personal interaction, each therapy session also concludes with a discussion of the day’s activities and ideas for follow-up at home to encourage newly acquired skills to translate into real world experiences.
The Achievement Center for Therapy also has an iOs app developer on staff, who specializes in creating speech and language therapy apps for practicing skills outside the office. These Speech Wizard apps are designed to build confidence in communication, which has been a proven measure on the path to educational success.
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“We traveled over 2 hours to have our son treated by her, and was absolutely worth it. I highly recommend her!”
- Lorie, Mother
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